~Fighting evil by moonlight winning love by daylight~

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what if god was one of us just a stranger on a bus
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when he texts first <3
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Wendy’s is doing the same thing.
Will wonders never cease.

Reblogging this because it keeps showing up on my dash and I keep not-quite raining on the parade, but it seems like everyone thinks this means something different than it does, so I guess I’ll rain on it a little bit.I’m afraid this motion has nothing to do with conquering the gender binary or whatever Tumblr is really happy about to be reblogging it so heavily. It’s not about making little children feel like they can get whichever toy they prefer. It’d be nice if it was, but I’d be shocked if that was the case.No, the girl toy here is a My Little Pony. Which means that the *real* reason for this notice is that a bunch of bronies, as there are bajillions of photos and videos of them doing, are coming into fast food restaurants and buying several happy meals. They threw pissy fits when asked if they wanted the “boy or girl” toy, insisting that My Little Pony isn’t for girls or whatever, again, only saying this because of overwhelming evidence that bronies do this shit. Management eventually has enough of it, asks employees to just ask if people want Skylanders or My Little Pony so they won’t have any more disgusted bronies getting mad that their precious fandom is targeted at crappy dumb little girls.
So the short version is: this little paper unfortunately means the exact opposite of what you think it means, socially speaking. It was put up because grown-ass men get all pissy when it’s suggested that they like a thing for girls.
Proof: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/04/editorial-how-to-buy-mcdonalds-ponies.html <— this was posted on the net’s biggest brony hive on April 10, 2014. So yeah, this is sadly not about anything else but how awful bronies are, sorry.
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if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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If by ‘fuck the police’ you mean fuck the corrupt, prejudiced, racist system then yes, fuck the police, but if you mean fuck the police for stopping you from smoking weed and getting away with illegal behaviour then no, fuck you.

i mean should the police be stopping people from smoking weed? is that really high on the crime list? 

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when your mom makes you talk to distant relatives